Modern Transplantology was born in 1937, when its founder student Vladimir Demikhov was 21 years old. Demikhov performed a dozen operations at the level of world discoveries:

1937 the world's first artificial heart;

1946 the world's first heterotopic (that is, not quite in its place) heart transplant into the chest cavity;

1946 the world's first heart-lung transplant;

1947 world's first isolated lung transplant;

1948 world's first liver transplant;

1951 the world's first orthotopic (that is, in its place) heart transplant without the use of artificial blood circulation (with the help of the first perfect prosthetic heart that worked from a pneumatic drive (vacuum cleaner);

1952 the world's first mammary-coronary bypass;

1954 second head transplant to a dog.

" Dr. Demikhov is one of the world's greatest experimenters, whose technologies are used by all clinics engaged in heart, liver, kidney, and lung transplants," said heart surgeon Renat Akchurin. The famous surgeon Schumacher called Demikhov "the greatest experimenter of mankind".

1960 Vladimir Petrovich published a monograph "Transplantation of vital organs in an experiment". It became the world's only guide to transplantation. The book has been translated into several languages.


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