State Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan

A rectangular blue cloth with an image in the center of the sun, under which is a soaring steppe eagle. There is a vertical stripe with a national ornament at the flagpole. The images of the sun, rays, eagle and ornament are of gold color. The ratio of the Flag's width to its length: 1: 2

State Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan

It is an image of a shanyrak (the upper vaulted part of a yurt) on a blue background, from which uyks (supports) radiate in all directions in the form of sun rays framed by the wings of mythical horses (tulpars) between which there is a five-pointed star.

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State Anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The words were written: Zhumeken Nazhmidenov, Nursultan Nazarbayev
Music by: Shamshi Kaldayakov

Altyn kon aspany,
Altyn dun dalasy,

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