It is my great honor and pleasure to announce the 1st Regional Meeting of The Transplantation Society to be held in Istanbul on 28-29 March, 2019.

Although organ transplantation has become the treatment of choice for end stage organ disease, it is important to recognize that organ shortage is the greatest challenge facing the field of organ transplantation today. This is unfortunately particularly true for countries in the Middle East, Africa and Mid Asia, where deceased donation rates are very low or, as in some countries, nonexistent. It is nevertheless important to note that there is significant effort in the region to turn this around, such as in Iran where they have succeeded in establishing deceased donation programs that rival those in Europe and the rest of the world.

As outcomes of transplantation have improved, the number of transplant candidates listed for deceased donor transplantation has increased dramatically over the years. In light of these concerns, the theme “Deceased Donation: Expanding the Donor Pool,” will provide valuable insights into medical, legislative, ethical, cultural, and social hurdles that must be overcome to increase deceased donation rates in the region as well as the world. The combined regions of the Middle East, Africa and Mid Asia comprise almost 90 countries and is home to a quarter of the world’s population, all of whom are affected by organ donation and transplantation activities and policies in their countries. The Scientific and Local Organizing Committees, comprised of international leaders in transplantation, are committed to providing a program that reflects current concerns and perspectives presented in an environment and format that encourages interactions between scientific disciplines and across international borders.

We look forward to welcoming you to Istanbul to take part in the scientific and social events and to experience Turkish hospitality at its best.

Mehmet Haberal, MD
FACS (Hon), FICS (Hon), FASA (Hon), FIMSA

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