Об акте социальной ответственности!

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Врач - трансплантационный координатор в Казахстане

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Посмертное донорство – шанс на новую жизнь

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Basic information about the organization

The Republican State Enterprise on the Right of Economic Management "Republican Center for Coordination of Transplantation and High-Tech Services" of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter referred to as the RSE at RCCTVMU) was created to implement the functions of promoting the development of the transplant service in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main activity of the Enterprise is the coordination of the transplant service on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Purpose of activity RSE at RCCTVMU is the creation of an effective national system of organ donation and the development of the science of transplantology in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

National coordination of the transplant service is carried out around the clock by workers and regional representatives of the RSE at the RCCTVMU. To ensure the coordination of the transplantation service, representative offices have been created in regional centers, large cities, cities of republican significance Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent.

Latest news

10-летие первой трансплантации сердца в Казахстане!

С 8 по 11 августа в Нур-Султане проводятся республиканские спортивные соревнования, среди лиц перенесших трансплантацию органов и находящиеся на диализе, приуроченные к 10-летнему юбилею первой трансплантации сердца. ...
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Подари вторую жизнь

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Қазақстанда 3,5 мыңнан астам адам ағза ауыстыруға мұқтаж – маманмен сұхбат

Қазақстанда ағза трансплантологиясы өзекті мәселелердің бірі. Бүгінгі күні 3500-ден астам адам шұғыл түрде бүйрек, бауыр, жүрек және өкпе ауыстыруды қажет етеді. Оның 79-ы кішкентай бала. Өткен жылы күту парағында ағза...
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Когда жизнь во власти органа

Жительница Костанайской области собирает деньги на пересадку почки. И такая операция нужна в нашем регионе почти полусотне человек. ...
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Жерлесіміз жүрек ауыстыруға мұқтаж

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В ВКО открылась лаборатория иммунологического типирования тканей и органов

Благодаря нововведению, в скором времени станет возможным проводить трансплантацию почки от донора реципиенту, не выезжая за пределы региона ...
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Наши партнеры

Republican Transplant Coordinator


  • higher / basic medical education in the specialty "General Medicine", "Pediatrics", retraining (specialization) in the specialty "General Surgery" and / or retraining (specialization) in the specialty "anesthesiology-resuscitation", or advanced training in transplantology .

Work experience in the specialty  not less than 10  years.

Functional responsibilities:

  • monitoring the activities and ensuring effective interaction of regional and inpatient transplant coordinators of supervised regions;           collection, analysis and synthesis of data received from regional and inpatient transplant coordinators;   presentation of daily reporting information on the availability of potential donors in hospitals of supervised regions; control over the proper maintenance and updating of data in the register of donors, recipients of tissue (part of tissue) and/or organs (part of organs), including in the medical information system "TRINIS" for supervised regions;updating the database on patients recommended for kidney, liver, pancreas, heart, lung, organ complex "heart-lung", for inclusion in the "waiting list" in accordance with the approved reporting form, for supervised regions;      preparation and submission of proposals for the development of the transplant coordination service, organization of databases of donors, recipients and persons waiting for transplantation ("waiting list») taking into account international experience; consideration of letters, applications and other appeals of individuals and legal entities, state bodies on issues related to the competence; organization of publications of scientific works and information materials on transplantation; submission of quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports to the head of the Department for coordination of transplantation and allocation of donor organs; organizing and conducting awareness-raising activities to promote organ donation among medical professionals and the public.

The transplant coordinator at the regional level Almaty

Transplant coordinator of the hospital in Almaty region, 2 units.

Transplant coordinator of the hospital in Karaganda region, 2 units.

Transplant coordinator of the hospital in Mangistau region.

Transplant coordinator of the hospital in Atyrau region.

To participate in the competition for a vacant position, candidates must submit the following documents:

  1. application for participation in the competition, approved by the head of the donor hospital in the region;
  2. a copy of the identity document of a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  3. resume in the state and / or Russian languages with contact details;
  4. an autobiography in any form;  
  5. copies of educational documents.

Candidates can provide additional information about their professional level (copies of documents on professional development, awarding academic degrees and titles, scientific publications, as well as recommendations from the management from the previous job, etc.).


Documents are accepted on purpose or in electronic form within 15 calendar days from the date of publication of the ad, at the address: 010000, Astana, Silety street, building № 30, office № 8, email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Candidates selected based on the results of the first stage of the competition will be informed about the place (format) and time of the interview.


Телефон для справок: +7 (7172) 55-84-54, +7 701 792 17 03.

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